The Embassy of Zambia

Welcome to the official Website of the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Beijing, China. The Website provides information about Zambia; Business and the Economy, Investment opportunities, Travel and Tourism, Consular Services, Visa and Passport information.

Our objective is embedded in our mission statement, which is to effectively promote and protect Zambia's interests and maintain good international relations in order to contribute to sustainable development in trying to do so, the Embassy endeavours to promote Zambia's relations with China politically, economically, culturally and also in the area of Defence and security. The relations between our two countries dates back over 50 years and has seen it grow from strength to strength.

Through this website, we, at the Zambia Embassy, are resolved to providing appropriate information to the general public and our esteemed clients on Zambia in general, consular services and also in the area of Trade and investment. We will continue to do so in a visionary manner with complete transparency and integrity.

We hope you will find the Website useful. For more information you may e-mail us, see our contacts section.