Trade & Economics

The Economic and Commercial Section contributes to the strengthening and enhancement of the Zambia-China economic relations. Its primary objective is to promote Zambia's economic interests in China and countries of accreditation.

The country's economy has historically been based on the Copper Mining Industry. However, the Zambian Gvernment is undertaking economic diversification to reduce the country's reliance on the Copper Industry and exploit other components of Zambia's rich resource base by promoting Agriculture, Tourism, Gemstone Mining and Hydro Power generation.


Zambia is a multi-party democracy and provides a market-oriented liberalized economic environment in a strife-free, multicultural society. The Zambian Government welcomes investors across sectors and the laws relating to investment have provided for incentives aimed specifically at increased levels of investment and international trade, as well as increased domestic economic growth. The country's central location in the region, as well as a combination of the following key strengths makes it an ideal investment location.

  • Abundance of natural resources and manpower, which are highly under-utilized.
  • Political Stability since attaining independence in 1964
  • Abolition of Controls on: prices, interest rates, foreign exchange rates, free repatriation of debt repayments
  • 100% repatriation of net profits
  • Guarantees and Security to investors with legislated rights to full and market value compensation
  • Duty Free Access to Regional, wider African and the USA markets under SADC, COMESA/FTA and AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act) respectively