Zambian Citizens


  • All Zambians living in China and countries of accreditation, you are required by law to immediately report loss of passport to any nearest police station within 24 hours.
  • Get hold of our Consular office immediately and inform us for further procedures.


All Zambian nationals in P.R China are required to be in possession of valid Zambian passports and their periods of stay must also be valid.
Travel documents of identity will only be issued under the following conditions

1. Applicants should produce letters of confirmation by the Home Office that their stay in P.R. China is valid.
2. Applicants should also produce police reports to confirm that they have lost their passports in the P.R. China.
3. Fees for travel documents of identity are after fulfilling the above conditions.


• Form A and N for applicants above 21 years of age
• Form A and M for applicants above 16 but below 21 years of age
• Form B and M for applicants below 16 years of age
• Copies of applicant's or parent's/guardian national registration card (NRC) both sides
• Copies of old passports:
• Copies of pages 1,2,3, and 32 of old passports (Handwritten ones)
• Copies of pages Data page (prayer page) and page 31 of the previous machine readable passport of the guardian
• Front and last pages (page 1 and 4 of the form G) of previous or guardian's travel document of identity form 'G'
• Two (2) full recent photocopies without hat and should not be mounted one of which must be endorsed by a recommender.
• COPIES OF BIRTH CERTIFICATES of children or affidavits in support of children to be endorsed/included on the passport
• COPY OF MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE for married applicants
For persons born in Zambia of foreign parents, they shouldthey should produce proof of residential status of their status of their parents/guardians in Zambia at the time of birth of the applicants
• Any other person claiming legal custody of the children under 21 years other than biological parents should produce court orders or relevant legal documents committing the child to that person's custody
• Persons born of foreign parent should produce documentary proof to show that one of the parent is a Zambian citizenship (-copies of N.R.C and passport)
• Travel documents of identity should be issued in cases of emergency travel only valid not exceeding six (6) months of the one way validity clause to persons returning to Zambia
• All photo copies must be authenticated as true copies of the original relevant documents by a commissioner of oaths.
• A change of the name other than by marriage or adoption must be substantiated by the production of evidence showing that, a bona fide change has been made for all purposes


• A duly completed form 'A'
• A duly completed form 'N'
• Two (2) recent passport sized photographs one of which must be endorsed by the recommender
• A photocopy of BIRTH CERTIFICATE or affidavit of birth
• A photocopy of the national registration card
• Photocopies of passport, pages 1-4 and last page


• A duly completed Form 'B'
• A duly completed Form 'M'
• Two (2) recent passport sized photocopies one of which must be endorsed by the recommender
• A photocopy of birth certificate
• A letter of consent from either Parent


1. A duly completed Form 'A' for adults and Form 'B' for those below 16 years
2. Two (2) recent passport sized photographs one of which must be Endorsed by the recommender
3. A duly completed LOST PASSPORT Description Form 'L'
4. A lost report from the Police
5. Lost passport - Affidavit
6. A photocopy of National Registration Card, birth certificate or affidavit of birth